In October 2018, a few women came up with the decision that it was needed to be in the gastronomy map which led to MEG birth. / With us MEG was born.

María José Martínez

Restaurante Lienzo, Valencia

María José Martínez, has one sol Repsol  and is one of the young promises of Spanish high cuisine. Third place in the 2016 Revelation Cook Award at the Madrid Fusión gastronomic contest and absolute winner in the voting of the public on social networks, offers a sincere cuisine, linked to land and sea, and marked by work , passion, talent and perseverance

Iolanda Bustos

Restaurante La Calendula de Regencós, Baix Empordà (Girona)

“I practice a naturalistic biodynamic philosophy and methodology, next to the Gastronomic Hotel del Teatre”.

Specialized in wild botanical cuisine and author of Beuflor, the brand with which she commercializes ingredients and drinks based on herbs and flowers.

María José San Román

Restaurante Monastrell, Alicante

The chef María José San Román, awarded with 1 Michelin star and 2 soles Repsol, is known for the study of emblematic Spanish ingredients and for her interesting interpretations of Spanish cuisine in its six restaurants and in its artisan bakery in Alicante.


Celia Jiménez

Restaurante Celia Jiménez, Córdoba

She got her Michelin star in Estepona, in 2006, at the El Lago Restaurant, being the first woman in southern Spain to have such a distinction. Actually have one Sol Repsol With Celia Jiménez and her team, at least in Córdoba, recognition of female surrender is achieved in the high cuisine, thanks to his dedicated effort and methodical recipe

Celia Jiménez Restaurante Celia Jiménez

Mari Carmen Vélez

Restaurante La Sirena, Alicante

Eminently self-taught and with numerous specialization courses, she has made presentations and demonstrations in prestigious gastronomic congresses; and she has participated in different promotional events inside and outside Spain showing her signature cuisine with strong roots in the tradition and products of the sea.

She has many awards and distinctions, her career being recognized in the best gastronomic guides. La Sirena group today is composed of: La Sirena Restaurant in Petrer (1983); La Barra de la Sirena (1997); Quinta Lacy Restaurant and Lounges (2009) and La Sirena Catering (2018).

Annette Abstoss

Annette Abstoss is defined as an integral gourmet. She currently runs the company Abstoss World Gastronomy, but her gastronomic career began in the world of catering, since then going through all the positions in front of and behind the stove

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